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Caroline Favors Jerusalem As "undivided" Capital

Caroline's staff just Emailed a batch of fresh answers to the Times.

We are told Newsday  and an upstate paper will soon be receiving similar missives.

The most interesting questions-and-answers:

Does she support making Jerusalem the "undivided" capital of Israel. "Yes."

Union Card-check? Affirmative.

Would she close the unpopular Indian Point nuke plant just north of NYC? Sure, why not?

Gun control? Bring it on.

NAFTA? She sticks close to Obama.

"Caroline believes that Nafta has had unintended, negative consequences in some regions of New York, and that is why she agrees with President-elect Obama that we need to take a careful look at the agreement and pay particular attention to its impact on jobs and wages in American manufacturing communities. She also believes that we must ensure that American communities and workers benefit as we craft new trade agreements."

Immigration? Not surprisingly, she backs the Kennedy-McCain plan.

"Caroline believes all undocumented workers should be required to legalize their presence in the United States and that we must create a way for them to do so. Undocumented workers should pay a fine, learn English and go to the back of the line behind those who came here legally."

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