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Celine Dion's Show Goes On

It's impossible to think of Celine Dion and not recall her performance of My Heart Will Go On, the theme song from the romantic blockbuster Titanic. Now she will star in her first TV special, Celine Dion: These Are Special Times, on CBS Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST.

The sheer power of her voice will be on display. But Dion also shares special times from her private life, reports CBS This Morning Contributor Eleanor Mondale.

Dion herself wanted to give viewers a look at her personality as well as her singing talent,

"People can play the record and hear one song after another, but there's much more than that," Dion tells Mondale. "I wanted them to know about my feelings, and what I like, and what I'm afraid aboutÂ… I wanted them to know my family, and what I really care about."

Dion, 30, is the youngest of 14 siblings. In fact, she invited her whole family to sing with her on her special. The family grew up playing music and singing. Among her fondest memories is coming home from school and making music with her family. After she found fame and fortune, she gave each brother and sister a gift of $100,000.

On her TV special, the star performs with her pal, Rosie O'Donnell, and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. And, of course, the program will not end without a performance of My Heart Will Go On.

But that is not the only song that Dion has made part of the American mainstream. She also had a hit with Because You Loved Me, the theme song of the movie Up Close and Personal, starring Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer. That tune has become as popular at weddings as My Heart Will Go On has become at funerals.

Dion herself says she has been personally touched by Because You Loved Me.

"I'm a normal person, so I know what it can do to people," she says. "When people come to you and say, 'You know, we got married with your song,' [it's as if] I was part of their wedding. It's wonderful! The most important time of their lives, so it's very touching."

Dion is currently on a two-year tour. But she recently told TV Guide that when it's over, she wants to retire and lead a normal life. Most of all, she wants to have children with her husband-manager, Rene Angelil.

"If we can have one, it would be wonderful," the singer tells Mondale. "If we can have more than one, it would be heaven."

But certainly not 14 babies. "That," says Dion, "is a career!"

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