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Chad Cooper: A Guide to Exploring Online Video

Chad Cooper is the Editorial Director of, a company working to make it easier to find quality online video content on the Internet. Professional video online is often hidden in a pile of garbage, Chad tells us how his team of editors is helping to take out the trash by empowering users to find the great video they want - without all the hassle.

Less Site Searching, More Viewing With all the video contact available online, often times finding the one that we want can be an exercise in aggravation. New categories are sprouting up everywhere such as: Celebrity, Food & Wine, Trailers, Entertainment, Viral. Many of us just want one repository; a one stop shopping experience that will organize some of our favorite interests and suggest sites based on our preferences. Have you ever been the last to hear about a hot new site or video? Does the endless deluge of new sites on entertainment and sports overwhelm you? We want to do less site searching and more viewing. OVGuide runs on the assumption that there are others like you. Since inception, Chad's site has raked in over 10 million users, which clearly proves Chad's hunch was right.

OVGuide delivers on content, and though it might seem daunting when you first visit the site, you soon find that there is an ease of use in how the site works, which takes away the stress of video search. It aggragates the best sites by category and gives a quick preview and overall rating from other users.

9 out of 10 people have not yet heard of, and Chad is relying on viral network effects to get this powerful tool out to the market. Chad hopes to empower users to take control of the content they deem most interesting, most discussion worthy, most provocative, etc. His approach from the onset has been to build the best product. Based on the opportunities he has created through honing in on quality, he is now able to work on monetizing his site. We hope that is able to do so successfully and not go the way of so many other innovative sites. Recommendation: Visit the site and spend about five minutes checking out its functionality. We think you'll be surprised by how easy and how useful it can be.

Keeping Fresh With New Daily Video Content OVGuide adds new daily video content through Free Online Video Sites
Chad's Biography Chad started his career as a communications and marketing professional focusing primarily on technology and the web. His area of expertise is in implementing innovative strategies to penetrate influential online communities as well as print and broadcast media for companies at the forefront of the digital revolution. He holds a B.S. in Communications Studies from Northeastern University, and now resides in Los Angeles.

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