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Check for Conficker Infection with One Click

At first I thought this was a joke, but it's the real deal: The Conficker Eye Chart site instantly diagnoses Conficker infections.

By now you've heard of Conficker, right? The Web worm was supposed to wreak untold havoc on April 1, and although those fears were never realized, many security experts believe it's still a threat.

Fortunately, one click is all it takes to see if your PC is infected.

All you do is head to the Conficker Eye Chart and check the table at the top. If you see all six images, you're golden: no infection.

If, on the other hand, any of the images are missing, you may have a problem. (Not all instances of missing images are the result of Conficker.) Fortunately, PC World has ample info on how to rid yourself of the Conficker worm.

I'm happy to report that Business Hacks is Conficker-free. Think I'll celebrate by hitting up some warez sites. (Just kidding.)

Thanks to reader James for submitting this tip!

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