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Check out some stupefying card tricks on display (and not in the way you might think)

(CBS News) When most people think of the term "card tricks," they usually imagine a series of magic performances on display. The above video, while demonstrating a series of "card tricks", is probably not what you're expecting at all, though. Go ahead and check it out to see what I mean.

Mesmerizing, right?  The series of amazing "card flourishes" entitled "Odd Man Out - Spencer Clark" was posted by Ladislas Toubart, who has more videos demonstrating this unique skill along with tutorials if you'd like to learn how to do them yourself. I have a hunch it takes a bit of time and practice to achieve this impressive level, though. Just a feeling.  But if you'd like to learn or simply see more work by Ladislas Toubart, you can check out his YouTube page by clicking here.

UPDATE: Commenter bobnjersey helpfully notes below that the technique is known as "xcm or extreme card manipulation". Thanks so much for the letting us know, bobnjersey!
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