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Cheney Rocks The Garden

(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)
Country superstar Kenny Chesney is one of my favorite people and an incredible performer, as anyone who loves music knows. The leading ticket-seller in North America for the last few years running, he gives absolutely everything to the fans who are lucky enough to get tickets to his shows.

Last night I went to see him at Madison Sqaure Garden and had a total blast! Everyone was dancing and singing -- it was as if you were partying with a bunch of friends and chasing any troubles or worries away. Kenny's energy and love of performing is absolutely infectious and at the heart of it all is great music. And his voice is absolutely gorgeous. The women were swooning and the guys were rocking, including Roger Clemens and the Yankees pitching staff. Kenny and the guys signed a guitar and gave it to one young boy in the audience and then he repeated the gesture at the end of the show.

Chesney's generosity, humility and total dedication to his craft were on full display. It's hard to imagine anyone, in any genre of music, doing it better. By the way, his new album, "Who I Am: Poets and Pirates," comes out Sept. 11 and the first two singles have already achieved unprecedented success on the charts. But that's just a taste of what's to come. Kenny digs deep on this record and makes it a real emotional journey. It was great to have a chance to visit with him while he was in New York. You can check out our on-camera chat the week after next on The Early Show. Of course, we'll also have it for you right here on!

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