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Chic Shine

The holiday season is shortly upon us and it's the perfect time to buy those great outfits that will make you shine at any holiday party.

The November issue of Glamour shows the latest glittery looks and Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive fashion director at the magazine, stops by The Early Show to put weatherman Dave Price and co-anchors Rene Syler and Julie Chen to the test to guess which outfits were steals, costing a fraction of designer prices of the other outfits.

Schwartz says shine was big on the runways, and they are no longer for pageants or lingerie. She explains there's something about satin and clothes that shine because it exudes glamour the way it drapes on the body as well as the light it picks up. But, she warns, you don't want to wear head-to-toe shine. A little bit goes a long way.

Satin/Silk Shine

Liquid satin top, available at Macy's for $100.
Donna Karan Silver silk pencil skirt, available at Bloomingdale's for $900.
DKNY peep toe sandal, available at DKNY for $200.
Pave Clutch, $2,300.
TOTAL: $3,500

Gap satin top, available at GAP for $38.
Bebe pencil skirt, available at Bebe for $ 89.
Baker Peep toe sandal, available at Bakers for $30.
Faux-Pave Clutch, available at for $25.
TOTAL: $182

This season is all about feminine flirty fashion, according to Schwartz, and satin and silk are the most prominent fabrics for this trend. She says mixing silver and pink is a key trend.

The Liquid top is real silk; therefore, more expensive. The Gap top is made of the synthetic satin. The cheaper one is actually easier to wash but does not feel as good on your skin.

The Donna Karan skirt is couture and pure silk while the Bebe skirt is made of satin.

Schwartz says peep toe shoes are a big trend this season. The DKNY shoes are leather, while the Bakers are cheaper because they are made of pleather.

Casual Glitter:

Banana Republic gold top, available at Banana Republic for $128.
Gap Jeans, available at GAP for $49.50
Banana Republic gold bag, available at Banana Republic for $38.
Chinese Laundry sandal, available at Bloomingdale's for $50.
TOTAL: $265.50

Tracy Reese jeweled satin top, available at Neiman Marcus for $260
Seven Jeans, available at Bloomingdale's for $150.
Whiting and Davis bag, available at Macy's for $100.
Stuart Weitzman gold sandal, available at for $225.
TOTAL: $735

These Deco-inspireds top are a big trend this season, Schwartz says, because the look dresses up the denim and is great for day and night.

The Banana top is a poly/acrylic mix with inexpensive machine beading, while the Tracy Reese top is pure silk with hand appliqué beading.

The Seven jeans are distressed by hand and therefore more expensive.

Intricate Beaded Dresses
Nothing is sexier than a beautifully beaded dress, Schwartz says. It will not only catch the lights in the room, but everyone's attention. Schwartz explains the key to this look is not to overdo it.

Tracy Reese green beaded dress, available at Neiman Marcus for $550.
Stuart Weitzman silver shoe, available at for $225.
H.Stern chandelier earring, available at for $5,600.
TOTAL: $6,375

Sue Wong green beaded dress, available at Neiman Marcus for $300.
Colin Stuart silver shoe, available at for $69.
Liz Claiborne monet earrings, available at Lord and Taylor for $22.
TOTAL: $391

Schwartz says green is a huge color this season and looks great with a nude skin tone underlay.

The Tracy Reese dress is hand-beaded, causing it to be a splurge, while the other one is machine beaded. And the H.Stern chandelier earrings are real diamonds, while the Liz ones are faux.

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