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After robbery, rape victim gets threatening text at Chicago hospital

CHICAGO -- The family of a Chicago woman who was robbed and sexually assaulted inside of their home is speaking out to make the public aware of what happened. CBS Chicago reports a total of four men committed the crimes and continued to terrorize the rape victim by texting treats to her in the hospital after the attack.

According to Michelle Mitrovic, an unknown man asked to help her mother-in-law shovel snow on Sunday evening, but she declined the offer. 

"The man followed her inside the house," Mitrovic said. Three others reportedly joined him.

During the robbery, the men cut the woman's husband's hand because he was too slow about taking off his wedding ring. 

Mitrovic says the men sexually assaulted her sister-in-law. 

The men left the home after two hours, but the terror continued. 

"They were texting her on her cellphone after they had left while she's in the emergency room, and they're threatening her, telling her if she called the police that they were going to come back and kill her and kill my in-laws," Mitrovic said. "She's very scared. She doesn't want to go home." 

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the men responsible for the crimes. 

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