Cindy McCain On Sexism

From CBS News Producer Jennifer Yuille:

Prospective first lady Cindy McCain told Katie Couric in an interview Wednesday that people would not be questioning whether or not Governor Palin could handle raising a family and performing the duties of vice president "if she were a man."

Katie Couric: What do you think of this discussion that's going on throughout the country by women who both stay at home, and who are outside the home?

Cindy McCain: Well, I think most of the people asking the questions wouldn't be asking this if it were a man. I, like you and every other woman who has worked, and has managed a family, and has managed a household, and all of us, we do it with grace and dignity. We can do as much as is thrown at us. She will not only be able to do the job well, but she

comes to the job with a different frame of reference. A large family, and a special needs child, I mean, this is a woman who can do just about anything. She will be a marvelous vice president, and she is a marvelous mother. And she can absolutely do it all.