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"Cinnamon Challenge" in slow-motion should discourage anyone from trying it

(CBS News) The infamous "Cinnamon Challenge". It's been around for a while now as a popular subject of YouTube videos and potentially deadly (and dumb, either way) dare. And while I would never encourage anyone to ever engage in this trend, we've never seen a video of it from one of our favorites here at The Feed: The Slow Mo Guys. So let's see it in super slow-motion.

Watching this works a bit like a PSA in hopefully discouraging anyone from attempting it.  The Slow Mo Guys write about their latest video (and share a similar sentiment with your blogger):

This video is repulsive... so watch it in HD for good measure. Gav and Dan confidently attempt the world famous cinnamon challenge. Will they swallow the spoonful just fine, or will they eject a spray of cinnamon dust in glorious slow motion? I'm betting on the second one.

Honestly, if seeing this doesn't manage to convince you to never, ever try and attempt the "Cinnamon Challenge", then I'm just not sure what will.  Seriously.  And to check out more super slow-motion goodness from The Slow Mo Guys, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.
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