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Clemens Upset With Blue Jays

Roger Clemens says he is disappointed with the Toronto Blue Jays' lack of effort in deciding on a direction for the team.

In an interview posted Friday on the pitcher's website (, Clemens says he hasn't had any official contact with the Blue Jays since the season ended.

"I'd like for someone to let me know which way the team is going," Clemens said. "After all, this uncertainty has been lingering for two whole years. And that's the biggest disappointment to me. ... What do they want to do? Are they going to get some guys who will help bring another World Series to Toronto?"

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  • Clemens signed as a free agent with the Blue Jays before the 1997 season after being told by management that the team intended to build a contender around him. The four-time Cy Young Award winner -- who's in line to win a fifth Monday -- also expressed concern that Toronto general manager Gord Ash may not re-sign designated hitter Jose Canseco, who became a free agent.

    "It's also disappointing for me to hear the lack of communication with Jose Canseco," Clemens said. "Here's a guy who I begged and pleaded to come play in Toronto, to have a presence and help the young players step it up -- and he signed for next to nothing, in relative terms. ... And now, to offer him what they are offering. ... I won't even call it a joke, because it's not funny to him -- or me. It's very disheartening."

    Ash has been told by the Blue Jays owner, Interbrew, that next season's payroll will be about 10 percent less than this year's.

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