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Clothes To Span Seasons

The weather outside is cold, but your favorite stores are already selling spring clothes.

Many of us are tempted to buy those items now because you're probably sick of all your sweaters and turtlenecks.

The editors at Marie Claire magazine have found some amazing outfits you can wear now and wear again in the spring. Editor-in-Chief Lesley Jane Seymour shares tips and her favorite looks with The Early Show's Hannah Storm.

Seymour says the rule about transitional clothing is there are no rules. Wear white, floral and different fabrics all year long. Pair heavy fabrics with light ones — it's all about personal style.

Look No. 1: White Jeans
Go ahead and wear white jeans all year long. In the winter, layer a vest and oxford shirt. In the spring, ditch the layers and pair jeans with a chiffon blouse or tank top and embellished sandals. Don't forget to accessorize!


  • Wrangler jeans: $83
  • Michael by Michael Kors blue & white oxford shirt: $69.50
  • Gap black vest: $19.99

    Grand Total: $172.49


  • Paper denim & cloth jeans: $176
  • Max & Co. blue & white oxford shirt: $165
  • Liz Claiborne black vest: $49

    Grand Total: $390

    The difference: Fabric is key. The Paper denim & cloth jeans are a more tailored fit.

    Look No. 2: Floral Skirt
    Seymour says floral will continue to be a big trend this spring. You can wear a floral skirt with a darker sweater or jacket and dark shoes. In the spring, wear with wedges and a pretty tank top. Don't forget to accessorize with a belt.


  • Banana Republic skirt: $78
  • H&M red tank: $9.90
  • H&M cardigan: $24.90

    Grand Total: $112.80


  • Escada Sport skirt: $295
  • Arianne Red cami: $55
  • Banana Republic cardigan: $78

    Grand Total: $428

    The difference: Here again it's the fabric and fit. The Escada Sport skirt is silk while the splurge is made of a cotton blend.

    Look No. 3: Shirt Dress
    The shirt dress is a big "it" item this coming season. It is a style that looks great on all figures. Wear it with boots and a turtleneck. In the spring, trade the boots in for open-toe shoes and take off the turtleneck.


  • Banana Republic dress: $128
  • H&M cream turtleneck: $19.90

    Grand total: $147.90


  • Chaiken dress: $282
  • Lauren by Ralph Lauren cream turtleneck: $74.62

    Grand total: $356.62

    The difference: Here again fabric is the big difference. The Chaiken dress is made from a heavy twill fabric while the steal is a cotton blend.

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