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Clouds Of Impeachment Stirring

As President Clinton relaxed with a holiday round of golf near Camp David, the clouds of impeachment continued to stir over him.

CBS News has confirmed that Republican staff members of the House Judiciary Committee have begun drafting three potential articles of impeachment that would accuse the president of perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power.

A source familiar with internal discussions says some staffers even want to pursue other investigative avenues that could expand the charges.

The drafting is in a preliminary phase. One staffer described the committee's work as being at the "scribbling stage." Once final, any articles will be circulated to the committee's 21 Republicans for their approval.

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Chairman Henry Hyde is still demanding that the President answer those 81 questions the committee submitted three weeks ago. In a stern letter this week, Hyde threatened Mr. Clinton with a subpoena.

The President's answers are expected Friday. But sources say Mr. Clinton is not about to admit to a crime, and is likely to offer the same answers that have frustrated prosecutors. Nevertheless, one Judiciary member tells CBS News that within two weeks, there will be up or down committee votes on impeaching the President.

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