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Co-Pilot 2.0 Navigation System

A company called TravRoute continues to rack up awards for its in-car navigation system called CoPilot. It recently won both a Breakthrough Award and an MVP Award from PC Computing magazine for version 2.0. The two hundred dollar package includes a global positioning satellite receiver and software that you install in a notebook computer. The system then gives you voice prompts to get you where you're going....

"Go west on Herrontown Rd. and then turn right on U.S. 206 North. Just ahead, turn right on U.S. 206 North."

It isn't flawless, we tried it on a recent trip and found some one way streets aren't alway taken into account. But the system is remarkable in being able to quickly calculate new routes if you miss a turn or decide to take a detour. Founder and TravRoute Chairman Alain Kornhauser, who is also a professor at Princeton University, says the idea is to make the technology simple...

"There's no hassle about it. If I miss a
turn, then it's going to figure out a new way for me to go and it's a great anxiety reliever, it's a great liberator. It should not be a hassle to get to someplace."

Also just out...a software only package..the 1999 edition of RoadTrips Door to Door. You can find more information at

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