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Coffee Cake Anytime, Anywhere

Greetings from a cool, blustery New York City on a Monday morning! It feels like fall here already, believe it or not.

Harry, Julie and I were literally drooling over the pictures of nice hot coffee and coffee cake that aired during this morning's Williams-Sonoma 5-Minute Cooking School segment. We usually tape those segments weeks in advance and they usually air during the latter part of our show. We are absolutely starving by that time of the morning, and unlike our live cooking segments, there are no goodies to feast on -- so its a real tease! Harry was complaining loudly that I did not bring a coffee cake in this morning and made me promise that I would do so one of these days! My favorite, and his, is cinnamon coffee cake (my mom makes an awesome one with sour cream). As you'll see here, Tori Ritchie used everything from peaches to chocolate chips! Yum!

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