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Coming Soon: LogMeIn for iPhone

logmein-ignition.jpgI make it a habit to cover only those products and services you can get right now, but I'm too excited about this announcement to wait: Remote-desktop service LogMeIn is coming soon for the iPhone and iPod touch.

As you may recall, LogMeIn is my preferred tool for remotely connecting to my desktop when I'm traveling with my notebook. LogMeIn Ignition, the forthcoming iPhone/touch version, will offer the following features:

  • One-touch access to remote PCs and Mac computers, allowing users to access and control files and programs
  • "My Computers" list that displays all available remote computers
  • Full keyboard, mouse, zoom and scroll control using touch screen, consistent with other iPhone/iPod touch applications
  • Option settings for optimizing the experience of connecting to and controlling the remote computer, including locking the remote computer's keyboard, blanking the screen of the remote computer and screen resolution
Good stuff. Of course, it was just a couple weeks ago that we looked at WinAdmin, a remote-control app that's available now. Meanwhile, there's Remote Desktop Lite (iTunes link), which offers basic remote access (but for Windows XP Professional only) free of charge. So if you can't wait on LogMeIn, which is due by the end of the year, there are other options.

In the meantime, you can sign up for the LogMeIn Ignition beta, though the company is offering it to only a limited number of applicants. [via jkOnTheRun]

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