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Cornyn: Senate Democrats Should Deny Burris Seat

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn says Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders should not allow Roland Burris to take Obama's seat.

"Responsibility for this latest Constitutional crisis facing the State of Illinois lies at the feet of national and state Democrats, and particularly Senator Reid, who was the first national Democratic leader to oppose a special election. Senator Reid and the Democratic leadership in Washington and Springfield decided to play politics with this Senate seat and unfortunately, the people of Illinois are now paying the price," Cornyn said in a statement.

“It’s time for the Democratic Party to do the right thing. The Senate should refuse to seat Mr. Burris and then Senator Reid, Senator Durbin and all Senate Democrats should join Republicans in supporting a special election to fill this seat. There is no other appropriate way for this process to move forward without the stench of corruption or political gamesmanship attached to it.

“The next Senator of Illinois should be chosen in the light of day through a special election, and not in the backrooms of Washington or Springfield. I hope and trust that after this latest fiasco, Senator Reid will finally agree.”

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