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Courtney Love Will Stand Trial

A judge Thursday ordered rocker Courtney Love to stand trial on felony drug charges after hearing testimony alleging that she gave police officers a baggie full of pills.

Superior Court Judge Elden Fox ordered Love to appear for arraignment April 30.

"I'm on tour," the singer protested. But her lawyer conferred with her and said she would be there.

Before the judge took the bench, Love smiled at reporters and pointed to her bare shoulders.

"Strapless," she said, referring to her black dress. "It's a silly case. Silly dress."

Beverly Hills police Officer Douglas Trerise testified that he and two other officers went to Love's home early Oct. 2, 2003, after she called police. He said Love handed the baggie of pills to one of the officers.

"She said it was her stash. She said it was Percocet and 'I don't do that anymore and it's illegal,"' Trerise testified. Percocet is a painkiller.

Earlier that night, Love was arrested by Los Angeles police for investigation of disorderly conduct and being under the influence of a controlled substance. The misdemeanor case is being tried separately.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Stodel said outside court that Love is eligible for a drug-diversion program. The maximum possible sentence for the felonies is more than three and a half years in prison.

Love's lawyer, Michael Rosenstein, told reporters his client had prescriptions for the drugs. "The district attorney is turning this into a circus and a witch hunt," he said.

Stodel said, "We're treating Ms. Love the same way we would treat anyone else who had illegal substances."

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