Cows crash Mass. backyard beer bash

Cows crash backyard beer bash.
The cows crashing the backyard beer bash.
WBZ-TV/Boxford Police

(CBS News) Six cows broke free from their enclosure and crashed a backyard party in Boxford, Mass., Sunday night.

Frightened party goers screamed as the black-and-white bovines crowded around their picnic table, knocked over cups and started licking up their brews, CBS News affiliate station WBZ-TV reports.

The cows even went through the recycling bins, nosing around for more drink.

Police were called and snapped shots of the cows crowded around the table. Authorities told WBZ-TV the owner eventually turned up and had to use oats to finally lure six cows away from the party. The cows were eventually herded up and returned to the field from where they escaped.

Watch the WBZ-TV report on the cows' escape in the video below.