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Craft Software For Kids

A few years ago, a company called PrintPaks won lots of fans among kids and parents with software that let them create all kinds of fun projects....from holiday ornaments to pinwheels. The company, is now part of Mattel, and has helped to create the toy giant's new Fashion Magic series of programs. Judy MacDonald, a co-founder of PrintPaks, is now VP of New Technologies at Mattel....

"Girls especially like to make things with their color printers and so the Fashion Magic brand of CD ROMS, it's a new brand for girls this fall, we did three titles, a tattoos kit, we have a Fashion Magic Hairwear and Charms kit, and we have a Fashion Magic Tanktop kit."

To make the hair create a design with the software, and then print it on a special plastic like material....

"Then you cut it out. You put in the oven for five minutes at 300 and it shrinks down to less than half its size and it gets thick and hard and solid."

which can then be attached to barettes, or hair pulls and such included in the kit. The tattoo kit uses a film material that goes on the skin with a medical adhesive.

"You can use digital images. You could have a picture of yourself on your arm if you like."

Or pictures of pets or grandma. The tanktop kit uses iron ons. The kits sell for under twenty dollars. You can find more information at

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