Craigslist: Classified For Murder?

48 Hours Delves Into The Life Of Philip Markoff To Uncover How He Went From Promising Young Medical Student To Alleged Killer

A double life, a privileged life. Obsession and sexual fantasy. Who knew his secret? Was there no one to stop him?

48 Hours Mystery examines the double life of Boston University medical student Philip Markoff, as well as the life of his alleged victim.

With the help of private investigator Joe Moura, we learn more about the investigation and the charges against Markoff. Boston Globe reporter Maria Cramer, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner and a forensic computer expert add their insight in the case.

We look at the dark side of the digital world, and the expanding world of Craigslist. Has it become the new portal of prostitution? Our shocking investigation exposes a Web of complicated relationships.

And we take a look at the life of Julissa Brisman, 25, whose young life was cut short as she worked to get it back on track.

Correspondent Peter Van Sant takes a look at the events leading to the arrest of Philip Markoff, the suspect in the Craigslist killing, and how he was caught.
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Chrissie Long, 13, was a cheerleader, altar girl and 6th-grade honor student. But her life came to an end when she was killed by a man she met online. Troy Roberts reports.
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Has Craigslist become a new portal for prostitution? As Harold Dow reports, a 48 Hours investigation exposes a web of complicated relationships.
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Julissa Brisman, the doe-eyed beauty whose short and troubled life was so brutally snuffed out in a Boston hotel room, would have celebrated her 26th birthday on April 24. Daniel Sieberg has her story.
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