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Create an Instant Wireless Network with WiPeer

wipeer.jpgSo you're meeting with some co-workers and need an easy way to share files. Forget doing the USB flash-drive shuffle; just run WiPeer instead. This awesome little program creates ad-hoc networks using your notebook's Wi-Fi capabilities, thus allowing you to share files, send instant messages, or even play games.

This is perfect for those impromptu or unexpected gatherings when communication between notebooks would be ideal, but there's no ready access to the company network or even a Wi-Fi hotspot. You don't need a router, a network, nor even the Internet. In my informal tests, WiPeer worked like a charm. It's like linking two (or more) PCs with a cable, minus the cable.

WiPeer is free, making it a must-have for any road-warrior's toolkit. Alas, for now it's a Windows-only program.

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