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Create Hair Like Monroe, Hepburn

If you haven't noticed, many of Hollywood's hottest celebrities are sporting hairstyles that are reminiscent of years gone by, says The Early Show stylist to the stars David Evangelista.

From Christina Aguilera's Marilyn Monroe-esque pin curls to the '60s sex kitten hair that Beyonce and many other celebrities are wearing, retro hair is very in, very now, and very chic.

These retro-inspired 'dos are echoing some of the trends we're seeing on the runways. Very ladylike, '40s- and '50s-inspired fashions were all over the runways for fall, and these hairstyles are perfectly paired with those feminine retro looks. But you can also pull them off with more modern fashions, which makes the hairstyles very versatile. They're classic, coiffed, and very feminine.

Here are tips on how to achieve three retro looks at home.

Pin curls completed Marilyn Monroe's sexy yet innocent look. Christina Aguilera has been spotted with the same bleached blonde hair with the very same pin curls as of late.

This sweet and sassy style is quite easy for women to attain at home. Spray a curling spray onto dry hair, take small sections of the hair and curl with a curling iron, twist, and pin each twist with roller clips. For women at home who are less adept with a curling iron, get hair about 80 percent dry, then spray a curl-setting lotion all over the head and comb it through to the ends of the hair. Then take small sections of hair, curl them tightly, and pin to the roots of your hair. Let the curls set for at least an hour, if not more. When hair is set, take out pins, and shake curls out lightly.

The sex-kitten look of the "definitive" Bond girl, Ursula Andress, continues to be a popular one today for celebrities who are looking for a full-out sultry, sexy look, like Beyonce Knowles.

To get this full, bodacious look, get hair about 90 percent dry by drying hair straight with a round brush. Spray a volumizing spray onto the roots. Using jumbo velcro rollers, section off hair and roll hair tightly up to the scalp, so the hair is lifted at the root for further height. Roller size depends on hair length - if you have very long hair, you should definitely opt for the jumbo rollers; if your hair is shoulder length or shorter, you can use smaller ones.

Keep the rollers in for as long as possible. The more time the rollers stay in your hair, the better the hair sets. When you take the rollers out of your hair, throw your head down and shake, running fingers down the hair to loosen the curl. When you throw your hair back up, smooth out with hands, and spray an aerosol hair spray all over to keep the big look in place.

The queen of classic beauty, Audrey Hepburn's teased updos crowned her classic, polished look. The hottest fashion icon today, Sarah Jessica Parker, has also worn this hairstyle to many an event, complementing her vintage and cleanly cut, ladylike dresses perfectly.

To create this look, lift the crown of your hair, and tease from the ends to the roots for fullness at the top. Continue teasing hair down the back of the head. With a boar bristle brush, brush hair lightly to smooth, brushing towards the left of the head. Then section off hair, taking the crown hair first, and pin in the back center of the crown. Take the rest of the hair, twist, and pin into a high bun at the back of the head. The result: A polished yet voluminous updo that is the perfect look for any evening out.

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