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Cubs fans and goat walk from Ariz. to Chicago to crack the team's curse

Chicago Cubs fans Matt Gregory, Kyle Townsend, Blake Ferrell, Patrick Fisher and Philip Aldrich, and their goat "Wrigley" walked from Mesa, Arizona, to Wrigley Field to raise money for cancer research, and hopefully break the Cubs' famed "Billy Goat Curse." CBS News

(CBS News) The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series in 104 years and a group of diehard fans are hoping to crack that curse by walking some 2,000 miles - with a goat.

As CBS Chicago reports, five friends set out from Mesa, Arizona in February to walk all the way to Chicago with their goat "Wrigley." The goal: raise money for cancer and shatter the famed "Billy Goat Curse" that has shadowed the Cubs for decades.

A quick history lesson for those unfamiliar with the legend behind the Cubs' futility: During the 1945 World Series, a local tavern owner is said to have cursed the team after being kicked out of Wrigley Field because his smelly pet goat was annoying other fans. The Cubs lost the series and haven't been back.

That's why the five friends -- Matt Gregory, Kyle Townsend, Blake Ferrell, Patrick Fisher and Philip Aldrich - brought "Wrigley" along for the cross-country trek. They've walked more than 2,000 miles and raised $20,000 for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The group will finish the long journey with a two-mile walk to Wrigley Field on Tuesday.

As for the goat, he walked 5-10 miles a day (traveling via stroller the rest of the way) and ate grass at the side of the road.

So will the epic journey break the "Billy Goat Curse?" It's not looking good: The Cubs are in last place and tied for the worst record in baseball.

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