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Daschle To Reemphasize Health Care Commitment

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, expected to be named as Secretary of Health and Human Services by President-elect Barack Obama, will reiterate the incoming administration's commitment to revamping the nation's health care system despite the economic recession.

In a speech in Denver today, previewed by the Wall Street Journal, Daschle will say, "the president-elect made health-care reform one of his top priorities of his campaign, and I am here to tell you that his commitment to changing the health-care system remains strong and focused." As Mr. Obama has done in the past, Daschle will talk about health care reform in the context of overall economic recovery although he is not expected to talk about any timetables for movement on the issue.

Daschle will also urge Americans to hold holiday get-togethers to discuss ideas for reforming the health care system and will volunteer to drop by one himself, according to the journal. If nominated and confirmed for HHS Secretary, Daschle will be the point person for the administration on the issue. Read more here.

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