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Dave Admits He's in "Big Trouble"

Sitting in a car he'd just slept in, in Bozeman, Mont. Wednesday, looking very disheveled and sounding as weary as he looked, "Early Show" weather anchor Dave Price vowed to press on toward his goal of making it back to New York by Friday in the continuing series, "No Way Home."

Price pointed out that Bozeman is 2,176 miles from Manhattan - a far cry from where he was on the same day in last year's adventure, 1,246 miles away, in Omaha. And he barely made it back in time last year.

"We are," Dave lamented, "in -- plain language -- some big trouble."

He recalled how he'd taken a job as a housekeeper in a Holiday Inn to earn some quick cash - and been given a second winter coat by a kind stranger in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to replace one he'd lost earlier in the trip. Then he lost that second one.

He was going to try to drive to Denver in a car he rented with the money he earned in the hotel.

Stay tuned!

Keep checking our special "No Way Home" page to keep up with Dave's travels. And of course, you can follow him on Twitter (@earlyshowdave) and on "The Early Show" Facebook page. You can also write in via e-mail at

Here's the "progress" report Dave gave on the show Wednesday:

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