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Dave Price Headed to San Francisco?

From its iconic transportation -- the cable car -- to its Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a hilly, modern city of great beauty.

But should this be the city where Dave Price begins his "No Way Home" journey in 2010?

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In Focus: Other Cities Where Dave Could Start

Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, the historical epicenter of an marine-oriented industry in San Francisco, could be the official starting point of this year's challenge for "Early Show" Weather Anchor Dave Price.

Fisherman's Wharf dates back to the Gold Rush. Famous for its colorful fishing fleet, the wharf is world famous for its wide variety of seafood. Much of this fame is due to the annual harvest of that most delectable of all crustaceans, the Dungeness crab of San Francisco.

But is this city your pick for Dave?

Click here to help decide the drop-off point. Voting will officially close on Wednesday, Nov. 10, at noon, New York time.

Be sure to tune in the next day to hear where viewers opted to have Dave start from.

And keep checking our special "No Way Home" page to keep up on Dave's travels. And of course, you can follow him on Twitter (@earlyshowdave) and on "The Early Show" Facebook page.

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