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Dave Takes Stock of "No Way Home" Dilemma

Dave uses his phone to call for a ride from the highway after his car breaks down. CBS

By Dave Price

If you're keeping score at home, I'm barely 250 miles from where I started yesterday morning -- NOT GOOD. Winds in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - where I am this morning - are gusting to 41 miles per hour and there's a severe thunderstorm watch.

Special Section: No Way Home
PICTURES: Dave's Daunting Day

Paradise, huh? Just another day of trying to catch a break and make some forward progress! It seems to me that today it's just a little bit tougher to get that done.

The key to facing any adversity - small or large - is keeping a positive attitude and remaining calm. I'm trying to do just that. I have over 2,500 miles to go by road to get home by Friday -- and the odds against me getting home on time are growing with each hour. But I'm going to be strategic in my decision-making and I'm going to try to remain clear-headed even though I've only had a few hours to sleep each night.

I've tried to find new ways to travel this trip (air ambulance/buying a car) -- trying not to repeat some of the same methods that I used the last time -- but it's all backfired so far. But -- to quote the Black Eyed Peas - "I've got a feelin' that today's gonna be a good day." I hope to write you from the Rockies or beyond tomorrow morning. If you have any way of helping me move eastward from here PLEASE email me at or tweet me @earlyshowdave. I try to answer as many of the emails and tweets as possible, but it's been overwhelming - so my apologies if I can't get back to everyone. In the meantime, thanks for coming on the road with's nice seeing our great country with you!

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