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Dave Works the Tire Line in "No Way Home" Challenge

Dave Price changes tires at Johnson's Tire Service in Anchorage. CBS

By Arden Farhi

Anchorage - After we left Copper River Seafoods, we swung by Rust's Flying Service. Unfortunately no planes were taking off for points east or south, so Dave did the next best thing: He continued to look for work.

Chinook Deveraux and Michelle Hogan of Johnson's Tire Service invited Dave to work the tire line and agreed to pay him 40 bucks for his efforts.

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PICTURES: Dave Finds Work in Alaska

Right now is "change-over season," which means the long Alaska winter has begun pounding Anchorage and cars need new aluminum-studded tires for traction on icy roads. Johnson's has seen about 8,000 vehicles in the last week and a half. Needless to say, it's a loud and bustling garage.

Pros can change a set of four tires in 10 minutes. Let's just say Dave's not turning pro anytime soon.


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