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Dead Simple Online Accounting with Outright

I'm not proud to admit that I do most of my business accounting in Excel. Bookkeeping software -- whether it's a commercial product like QuickBooks or a free Web app like NolaPro -- it just too darned complicated for my little brain. All I really need is something to track income and expenses, and categorize it all for my tax forms. All I need is Outright.

Outright is a lightweight Web-based accounting package that doesn't aspire to be QuickBooks. It's dead simple; the whole program is contained in a half dozen tabs for key activities like Income, Expenses, Taxes, and Reports. Nor is Outright an island; it syncs with time tracking and invoicing app FreshBooks, and you can automatically import invoices from Shoeboxed.

The service is free -- for now -- but expect some premium features to have a price tag attached at some point in the future. For now, though, if your accounting needs are as limited as your understanding of microeconomics, Outright is an awesome deal.

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