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Dead woman found in Baltimore apartment, man there taken into custody, police say

A woman's dead body was found on Saturday, July 22, 2012, in this building in Charles Village in Baltimore, Md. CBS Baltimore

(CBS) BALTIMORE, Md. - Police found a badly decomposing body in the city's Charles Village neighborhood, reported CBS Baltimore.

They say they also found someone living with the body in the apartment.

Residents at the Wyman House apartment building were in disbelief.

"It's very terrifying," Lynn Godfrey, a resident, told CBS Baltimore.

"It's like something you would see in a horror movie, definitely not in real life," Ethel Stevenson, another resident, told CBS Baltimore.

Police, arriving at the apartment complex just before 7 p.m. Saturday, discovered the decomposing body of a woman on the sixth floor.

Detectives believed the woman was dead for at least a week.

Det. Donny Moses, of the Baltimore City Police Department, told CBS Baltimore that "upon entering into the apartment there was an individual who was in the apartment with her. He was taken into custody and questioned."

Police were awaiting autopsy results before deciding whether the man, who owns the apartment, should be charged with murder.

The woman was living in the apartment across from where she was found, according to neighbors.

They had complained of "a nasty, stinky odor, unbearable odor" coming from the sixth floor for days. Building managers would not comment on the situation, according to CBS Baltimore.

"The girl was in his apartment obviously over a week to 10 days decomposing. How can you live in an apartment with that smell?" Thomas Ferguson told CBS Baltimore.

Police refused to release the deceased's name, but would only say that she is 41 years old.

The Wyman House apartment building is reportedly owned by Baltimore City Housing Authority, according to CBS Baltimore.

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