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Dell Enters Tablet Fray with "The Streak"

The Streak Dell

Dell will join the (increasingly-crowded) tablet computer fray next month when the Streak makes its debut in the United Kingdom.

The tech web site Engadget is reporting that the company has decided to delay the U.S. introduction until the unit gets launched in the rest of Europe - so, we're talking about sometime in the summer.

The existence of the Streak, which used to be known as the "Mini 5," has been known for quite some time. The company began talking about its plans at the January Consumer Electronics Show. More recently, CEO Michael Dell made showed off the device at an industry conference organized by Citrix Synergy earlier in the month. Earlier, today, however, the company made it official with a press release. (Interesting contrast between Dell and arch-rival Apple, where Steve Jobs protects product release information with Fort Knox-like security.)

The device, which runs on Google's Android operating system and comes with a 5-inch screen, will store up to 42 movies or 32,000 photos or 16,000 songs, according to Dell. Pricing was not announced. Other specifications include::

  • An ARM-based Processor

    Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset and software platform with an integrated 1GHz processor

    3G + WiFi and Bluetooth

    A 5 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash

    User accessible Micro SD expandable memory available up to 32 GB

    Several computer manufacturers have already entered the tablet computing market - Apple with its iPad perhaps the best known. But after its recent acquisition of Palm and its extensive patent portfolio, Hewlett Packard is widely expected to offer its own tablet device in the near future. The unanswered question for Dell - as well as HP - is whether it can successfully market the tablet to a consumer audience. Both companies have tried to expand into the consumer electronics business but have experienced uneven success.

    Here's a video with a Dell executive talking about the product:

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