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Dems Benefit from Momentum after Obama's Health Speech

5150235Both the Democratic party and an individual Democratic candidate have pulled significant financial contributions in the wake of President Obama's address to Congress about health care.

Since the president's speech last night, the Democratic National Committee has raised $1,087,000 in online donations, the DNC told CBS News. About 381,000 people signed a letter the DNC sent out, asking members of Congress to support Mr. Obama's health care agenda.

"We expect both numbers to continue to grow," the DNC told CBS News.

Meanwhile, Democrats have leveraged Republican Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst interrupting the president last night to raise money for his Democratic challenger.

Since last night, former-Marine Rob Miller has received 14,000 individual grassroots contributions raising more than $500,000, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"As a former Marine, I believe we should respect our Commander-in-Chief and our men and women in uniform," Miller said of the incident in a statement released today. "As a South Carolinian, I believe that Representative Wilson's shameful outburst has no place in the public debate. We need a Representative in Congress who will be part of the solution, not part of the problem."

Meanwhile, the labor-backed group Americans United for Change launched a new ad today targeting insurance companies, which the Democrats have depicted as villains in the debate. Special Report: Health Care

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