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Dennis Rodman Sues The WCW

Dennis Rodman has capped off a bizarre month by suing World Championship Wrestling.

The eccentric basketball star who has been married, separated, and sued in the last two weeks, alleges he wasn't fully paid under two pay-per-view contracts with WCW.

According to the suit filed in Orange County Superior Court and moved Wednesday to federal court in Los Angeles, Rodman claims under one contract, he was to be paid a base amount of $750,000 to be host for an event in Charleston, S.C., and to wrestle in Daytona, Fla.

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Rodman, 37, was to get half of all gross cable sales revenue more than $3.9 million for each event, the suit charges.

Richard Howell, a lawyer for Rodman, said the WCW has "given us different sets of numbers that confuse us and appear to be in conflict with other numbers that we have been provided."

Howell said the WCW also now claims Rodman is entitled to a percentage of the pay-for-view cable TV sales but not the cable satellite sales.

"We strongly disagree with that," Howell said.

The suit also alleges a second similar contract covered an event in Detroit as well as the "Bash at the Beach" in San Diego last July, where Rodman, Karl Malone, Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page wrestled.

WCW officials could not be reached for comment.

A seven-time NBA rebounding champion who helped the Chicago Bulls win the championship the last three years, Rodman filed papers last week seeking annulment of his Las Vegas marriage to former Baywatch actress Carmen Electra on Nov. 14.

And a cocktail waitress who sued Rodman for assault and battery earlier this month filed a criminal complaint against him Tuesday at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department's West Hollywood station.

Susan Patterson claimed Rodman jammed a $100 bill down her blouse and grabbed her breast on Oct. 3 while she was working at the Fenix in the Argyle Hotel in West Hollywood.

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