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Denzel Washington Is "Unstoppable"

Nothing can derail Denzel Washington's career -- the actor is unstoppable on the big screen.

This year has again proven that stars don't get much brighter than the two-time Oscar winner.

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Washington started 2010 starring in the box office blockbuster "The Book of Eli." Then came a Tony Award for the record-breaking Broadway hit, "Fences." And now, Washington is back on the Hollywood track in the runaway train action thriller, "Unstoppable."

Washington plays a longtime engineer who knows he's going to get fired. In the meantime, he works alongside Chris Pine, who's a rookie.

While Washington resents Pine's character in a way, that doesn't stop Washington from taking action with the character Pine plays. When he learns that a train, carrying 30,000 gallons of toxic chemicals, is headed for a populated area, Washington goes against everybody's advice and decides to do the right thing and save that train.

The film is the real deal, no green screen needed. At any age, the handsome actor still does his own stunts. So which ones did Washington do?

"Unstoppable" is in theaters now.

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