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Destressing Through Meditation

UTTM Health and Fitness Contibutor Bonnie Kaye offers information about how meditation can soothe the body, mind and spirit in a time of stress.

The word "meditation" often conjures up images of Buddhist monks sitting on mountain tops...while that's one form of meditative practice, there are more basic forms that research shows can bring stress relief and peace of mind.

Meditation can be practiced in silence, with music, or by using chants and sounds. In addition to the emotional benefits, researchers have found real physiological changes take place in the body during meditation.

Some of those changes include:

An increase in alpha brain waves that contribute to relaxations A decreased in heart rate and respiration. Decreased blood pressure. And meditation also promotes muscle relaxation.

So, you can clearly see the mind-body connection and how ineparable your mind and your body truly are...your thoughts an have a major impact on your body and vice versa.

Recommended books & CDS:(all available at Barnes & Noble) Meditation for Dummies, Stephan Bodian Instant Calm, Paul Wilson Brain Fitness, Robert Goldman Audio CD: Ten Minutes to Relax,easy to use guided relaxation exercises to free your mind, Paul Overman Herbal Comfort Eye Pac, Herbal Concepts (available at Laytner's Home furnishings;Bed Bath & Beyond)

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