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Do As I Say ...

Remember in early July, when we had another case of "Girls Gone Wild – Pageant Winner's Edition" with Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo? For those who've forgotten: She was being blackmailed over some really not-all-that scandalous photos. You might even remember that her blackmail fate was unique in that she herself had posted the incriminating photos online.

The story gained national attention not only for its tawdry potential – which was completely deflated when Polumbo released the (yawn) photos herself – but also because her title was at risk, since the photos suggested there may be times she didn't conduct herself in a "ladylike" fashion. It all worked out, though – she was allowed to keep her crown. (Phew!)

And now Polumbo is popping up in the news again, as she will be given the opportunity to lecture her classmates on "Web Privacy," according to the New York Daily News:

She will be counseling incoming freshmen at Wagner College on Staten Island, where she is a senior, on maintaining their Internet privacy.

Amy Polumbo, a 22-year-old drama major, will lead two seminars titled "Your Electronic Image" during Wagner's freshmen orientation Aug. 25, the school said.

This seems unfair to this writer, as more of America's youth need to hear Polumbo's insight on the matter of "Internet privacy." And since I believe that children are our future, teach them well and … you know, I thought I would provide a rough summation of Polumbo's main message for the students who don't go to Wagner:

Students: Don't post pictures that might get you in trouble on the Internet.

Class dismissed.

And that's today's public service from Public Eye. Remember the Aspen Daily News' motto of many years now: "If you don't want it printed, don't let it happen."

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