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Doctors still trying to figure out why Kelly Osbourne has seizure

Kelly Osbourne is keeping her spirits up despite being in a very scary place health-wise.

"My life now is like an episode of House," Osbourne tweeted on Sunday. "The impending fight against death and the look of fear in everyones faces!"

The 28-year-old celeb is referring to the frightening seizure she had while on the set of E!'s "Fashion Police" on March 7. There is still no diagnosis behind the seizure, but doctors are in the midst of trying to find out why.

"There is absolutely no confirmed diagnosis regarding Kelly's condition," a rep for Osbourne said on Saturday. "She is under a doctor's care and they are continuing to run tests. Kelly is fine and thanks everyone for their continued support."

And luckily she had the support of her co-star Melissa Riversduring the terrifying episode.

"More than anything it was just scary," Rivers, who was with Osbourne until the paramedics arrived, told ET Online. "I just laid on the ground holding on to her until the paramedics came."

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