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Does Actors' Twitter Blabbing Point to iPhone Debut?

The front-facing camera is expected to be highlighted in a new commercial being shot for the latest iPhone. Gizmodo

We're very sure these two will be right at the top of Steve Jobs' list of job candidates. Suure. Turns out that a couple of actors hoping for roles in an upcoming Apple commercial were so excited that they just had to tweet about it.

But as CNET notes, this was not just your "run-of-the-mill TV ad: One of the actors said the commercial was being directed by Sam Mendes, probably best known for American Beauty.

Engadget, which broke the story, noted that Mendes is reportedly filming a series of commercials for Apple. Does it mean a new iPhone announcement? Perhaps, though not necessarily. Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference takes place next month and CEO Steve Jobs will give the keynote.

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