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One sign Donald Trump is trying to be a more traditional candidate

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Donald Trump may be speaking a little less off-the-cuff in the coming weeks -- at least in more formal settings. He'll be using a teleprompter for a foreign policy speech he's set to deliver next Tuesday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The decision to use a prompter comes as Trump's campaign team undergoes a restructuring in advance of the GOP's nominating convention in Cleveland this July. Trump is working on presenting himself as a more traditional presidential candidate, telling the Journal, "The campaign is evolving and transitioning, and so am I....I'll be more effective and more disciplined....I'm not going to blow it."

A pair of teleprompters have been set up in Trump's office for practice, the Journal reported. Trump has stayed away from the use of teleprompters throughout his presidential campaign, delivering impromptu tell-it-like-it-is remarks that his supporters seem to love, and he's mocked Hillary Clinton for her use of prompters.

The change comes after his campaign recently brought on Paul Manafort to guide Trump's delegate strategy and to transform his campaign's approach into a more traditional one.

Trump recently used a teleprompter for his speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in March.

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