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Don't Travel without These Five Essential Items

duct-tape.jpgToothbrush--check. Phone charger--check. Duct tape--duct tape? If you're taking a trip, that's one of the items you should be sure to pack. So says, which compiled a list of five travel essentials. Here's the full skinny on the tape trick:

I don't mean that you should take a roll, but instead take about 10 feet wrapped upon itself into a little rectangle about the size of a wallet. Use this for instant lint brushing, hacking curtains shut to better darken the room, hanging signs, taping down your laptop cord at a conference, mending damaged luggage, and about 3,149 other applications.
The author also recommends bringing baby wipes (for cleaning up those inevitable coffee spills), energy bars (for a healthy snack during those inevitable flight delays), and a power strip (for those ill-equipped hotel rooms). Be sure to check the comments area below the post to see what essentials other travelers recommend. And while you're at it, why not post some of your own right here? You know where: the Comments page!
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