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Dramatic Chihuahua plays dead when held, this week on The Feed!

Dramatic Chihuahua plays dead when held 02:33

This week's most popular viral videos include a father and son making interesting music, a combat ship side launched into a river, motorcycle chariot racing, candy from the ice maker, a musical tribute to Shia LeBeouf and a frozen Chihuahua.

First up, when mom's away, father and son will play. And, hopefully, they will shoot video of it and post it online like this hilarious clip shared by bauerbirds.

Ever wonder how they get giant Navy ships into the water after they build them on land? This video from LockheedMartinVideos shows the incredible process that sets afloat the LCS 7 Detroit combat ship for the first time.

In this video, La Moka shows how to ride a motorcycle with a lot of horsepower. Does this make him the most scary member of the gang, or the least?

Deric Peace shares a great idea for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, though it might require inviting them inside -- or putting the refrigerator out on the porch.

Singer-songwriter Rob Cantor shared this tribute, of sorts, to movie star Shia LeBeouf. It's pretty weird -- and wonderful. Make sure to watch it through to the end for an unexpected surprise.

Finally, Jennie Kay Blair Ferguson shared this video on her Facebook page of a Chihuahua that, when held by a certain someone, freezes up like it was crossbred with a possum.

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