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Edit Microsoft Office Files On Your Android Phone with Documents To Go

Your smartphone just isn't a smartphone unless it runs Microsoft Office. Or so we've been told. So where does that leave your spiffy Android? In pretty good shape, actually: You can now install Documents To Go on your T-Mobile G1.

DataViz has officially released a version of its respected Documents To Go mobile Office suite for the Android. Originally released for the Palm OS back during the Industrial Revolution, the Android version does everything you'd expect from a mobile office suite, including viewing and editing Word and Excel files -- either copied to the phone via memory card or downloaded from the Web or e-mail. It's available at the Android Market for $19, though the price will soon go up to $29, so you might want to grab a copy soon.

We're not Android users here at BizHacks, but we have a long history of using Docs To Go in its other incarnations, and we love it. Any Android users out there want to weigh in with some comments on the suite?

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