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Edit Your Videos Online with YouTube Remixer

youtube-remixer.jpgMore and more businesses are relying on YouTube to share video: Realtors show clips of their properties, developers show product demos, and so on. Now you can edit and gussy-up those videos using YouTube Remixer, a free tool powered by Adobe Premiere Express.

All you do is choose a video you've uploaded to YouTube, then click the Remix Video button. From there you can trim your video and add titles, transitions, graphics, and borders. You can even add a soundtrack, though this will replace any existing audio. When you're done editing, one click of the Publish button puts the video back on YouTube (while retaining your original).

At the moment, YouTube Remixer is showing its beta colors: I couldn't get the tool to work at all. But once the bugs get worked out, this is sure to appeal to folks who want an easy way to spruce up their videos. [via TechCrunch]

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