Egyptian-Americans Celebrate Freedom in the U.S.

NEW YORK - "Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!" yelled a driver jubilantly honking his horn.

CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano reports, in Queens, New York City, nearly 6,000 miles from Cairo, Egyptian-Americans erupted in cheers, as news of Mubarak's exit spread:

"Long live Egypt," they chanted in Arabic ... and 'Freedom.'"

Yasser Noreldin came to the U.S. from Egypt 10 years ago and brought his 4-year-old daughter, Saleen, to join his New York neighbors in celebration.

"I want her to see this special moment," said Yasser.

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Nihal Hashem says she's proud to be a young Egyptian-American:

"For the first time we can say, 'our generation did something, our generation did the revolution,' Facebook and Twitter started our revolution," said Nihal.

There was jubilation across the country. In Anaheim, California:

"It's a very happy day for all of us. Egyptian is writing history right now. And dictatorship are going down," said one person.

And in Boston:

"We are getting our freedom! Really, really, really I'm super excited!" said a celebrant.

Back in New York, Ahmed Abdelmotaleb says Egyptians finally have hope.

"My heart is in the sky," said Ahmed laughing. "My heart is in Egypt."

Hearts bursting with joy, even from thousands of miles away.