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Elephant spraying poo on a man at the Berlin Zoo

(CBS News) No matter how bad your day might be going, just remember that you're not the guy in this video who recently ran into some bad luck while visiting the Berlin Zoo. If I say almost anything about this very short clip it will be spoiled, so just go ahead and watch to see what happens. 

Oh, that's just terrible!  The bizarre, mean-spirited, caught-on-tape prank by an elephant at the Berlin Zoo was posted to YouTube by Judy Makin and Amy Osborne who write about it:

When we were on our trip around europe, we managed to film the perfect clip of an elephant spraying Poo on someone!!

So, uh, yeah... like I said before. No matter how bad you think your day might be going, just remember to watch this video and be very thankful you're not that poor guy, right?
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