Ethan Hawke: "Life is good"

Ethan Hawke on "CBS This Morning."
Ethan Hawke on "CBS This Morning."

Oscar-nominated actor Ethan Hawke has written books, been divorced and had custody issues much like the character he plays in his new thriller "The Woman in the Fifth."

But unlike his character, who is struggling with depression in Paris, Hawke said on "CBS This Morning" that life is good.

Ethan Hawke and wife Ryan Shawhughes married in June 2008 and now have two children together. Hawke also has two children from his marriage to Uma Thurman - Maya and Levon. They divorced in 2004 after six years of marriage. Shawhughes once worked as a nanny to Hawke's children with Thurman.

"I'm not in Paris trying to commit suicide, I'm here, happily, with this movie," Hawke said.

In the film by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski, Hawke speaks some of the dialogue in French. "CTM" co-host Gayle King complimented Hawke on his accent in the movie.

Hawke asked King if she spoke French. She replied that she didn't, and Hawke said with a laugh, "I so appreciate you saying that, but I don't think I'll be getting any French awards."

For more with Hawke on "The Woman in the Fifth" as well as the film that made him a star, "The Dead Poets Society," watch the video in the player above.

"The Woman in the Fifth" opens in select theaters on June 15.