Ex-NFL star faces paternity issues on "Dr. Phil"

Dr. Phil McGraw, left, and Terrell Owens as seen on "Dr. Phil."
CBS/"Dr. Phil"

(CBS News) On the "Dr. Phil" talk show this week, former NFL star Terrell Owens will face three women who claim he is the father of their children.

Owens said the interview felt like a firing squad, Dr. Phil McGraw said Monday on "CBS This Morning." However, McGraw said he didn't ambush Owens on the show - he knew what he would face on the show. "He says he wants to set the record straight. He wants to tell people he's not the person the media has depicted him of being," McGraw said, but added, "I'm not sure he made a lot of progress with these women."

In the taped interview, one of the women tells Owens, "I have been raising our daughter to the best of my ability. I've tried to be the best mother I can be. I have always supported you Terrell and I think you know that. I have come to your defense all the time because I realize you are my child's father. I would not wish any harm on you, I wish you nothing but the best because I know how I feel as a daughter."

When asked if he believed what they were saying, Owens shook his head.

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McGraw repeated that Owens knew what he was getting into when he appeared on the show. "I don't do ambush. I don't do gotcha journalism," McGraw said Monday. "He knew they were coming. And he said he wanted to it set straight. He said, 'Look, there's two sides the every story.' He said, 'When I call to see the children, they're busy. The mothers don't cooperate.' That's why he was shaking his head 'no,' but, I mean, come on, he hasn't seen these kids much, you know, year after year, so come on."