Face in the News: Iran Nuclear Talks, Hilary Clinton's E-mails, War on Terror


Secretary of State John Kerry, left, expresses his condolences over the death the of the mother of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani before a negotiation session over Iran's nuclear program March 20, 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

By Katherine Iorio

Washington (CBS News) - In the latest round of negotiations with Iran's leaders this week, Secretary of State John Kerry has returned back to Washington with no deal. With talks to resume this Thursday, it is difficult to say where the Iran nuclear talks stand.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., Told "Face The Nation" host Bob Schieffer that we're "very close to political agreement," but there is a concern about the "type of deal we're negotiating."

"I don't know of anyone that wouldn't like to see this come to a good end by an arrangement that would keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. But the question obviously is the substance of this great concern with what the trend is towards Iran's position."

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This week, House Republicans formally asked former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to turn over her private e-mail server to the State Department inspector general or a third examiner. The House majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said Sunday on "Face The Nation" that "the American people have a right to know the truth."

"If you were secretary of state, would you set up a server and put it in your own house and then ask your top aides only to use that and only use your attorney to determine what is that of the public or not," McCarthy asked. "We have a federal act when it comes to how to use this. I think she brings a lot of doubt with her own use. But she has the ability to clear this up. She has the responsibility to tell the truth to the American public, and she can release them."

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Turning to the heated issue of war on terror, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii., who sits on both the Armed Services and the Foreign Affairs committees, and before her election served two tours in Iraq in the U.S. Army, said we should be doing something different when tackling ISIS.

"I think, as we have just passed the 12th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq in the beginning of the Iraq war, I think it's important that we look at what are the lessons learned from that war, so as we look at this, we see the very clear need for a clear and winning strategy," Gabbard told Bob Schieffer. "This is not something that can only be done militarily, right alongside the military strategy, which must consist of working with our partners in the region and must consist with working with the Sunnis and the Kurds and really going to the heart of the sectarian conflict. Right alongside that military strategy must be a political one. Again, that goes to this sectarian divide that really allowed, in Iraq, ISIS to grow and really increase in its strength and presence there."

The Representative's comments were covered by The Hill and the Wall Street Journal.

Last week, rookie linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers Chris Borland stunned the sports world by announcing he was retiring because he cited fears over his long-term health. While the NFL put out a statement saying "football has never been safer," Borland believes, "football is inherently dangerous and that will never change so long as we have football."

"I love the visceral feeling of the violence of the game; I think everyone that plays at a high level is passionate about that. However, I don't think you shouldn't be informed, and I think you should have every opportunity to know all you can about the dangers of that feeling you love and the sport you're passionate about."

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