Fall foliage photography tips from Jeff Folger

A single solitary golden maple tree

A solitary golden maple tree is backlit by the morning sun.

Jeff Folger

Jeff Folger photographs fall foliage for his website Jeff-Foliage.com, and which he also posts on his Facebook page, New England Fall Foliage. Folger's pictures can also be seen at Vista Photography

He offers these tips for amateur photographers trying to get good shots of autumn colors in any region:

  • Don't discount overcast days for shooting. Cloudy days are great because colors are more saturated.
  • On sunny days, try lying on the ground, looking up through a tree with the sun coming through the leaves, and watch the colors explode as you shoot.
  • Try focusing on a single branch or one glorious leaf instead of trying to get a panoramic view of an entire valley or mountain range.
  • Try using an ordinary pair of blue sunglasses as a light filter by holding it in front of your camera lens to intensify the colors.
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